Send message to live meeting

Is there a way to send a message to a live meeting using the Rest API?

For example, a meeting was sheduled programmatically via the API. Later, the host starts the meeting and is waiting for the other party to join. Our application, the one that scheduled the meeting, learns that the other party will not be joining or will be late. I want to send an appropriate message to the host, in-meeting.

The message could be via the meeting’s chat or some other in-meeting message facility.



Hi @cam.woods,

Currently we do not have this functionality available. But you can create an implementation at your end, where if the participant decides not to attend a meeting, you can send an email to the host notifying him of the same.


Could I use the Zoom Chat API and send a message to the host user? If so, would that message show up in-meeting?

@cam.woods the message would show up in his zoom client. If he has enabled notifications, he can see it on his screen.