Server-To-Server App Credentials Automatically Update or not

■ BackGround:
・We have used the Zoom API to download the recording files which stored in the Zoom portal Cloud.

・And we have created a server-to-server application which uses for getting access token in order to call another zoom API.

・We have posted by using the (server-to-server application)App Credentials’s AccountID/ClientID/Client Secret to get the access token.

■ Question:
Will the App Credentials’s AccountID/ClientID/Client Secret (in the server-to-server application) change automatically or expired after some time?

※The purpose of the question is that we want to know the App Credentials’s AccountID/ClientID/Client Secret should be considered to update or not in our system maintenance activity.

Waiting for the replys, best regardes!

@zoom-api-testadmin the accountID ((unless the user is migrated to a different account) and clientID will never change and the client secret can only be changed manually from the app.


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