Server-to-Server OAuth with Master API leads to Invalid access token

API Endpoint(s)

  • GET /accounts/me/plans/usage

When trying to request GET /accounts/me/plans/usage I receive code 124


    "code": 4700,
    "message": "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [billing_plan:read:admin]."

How To Reproduce

  1. Request URL / Headers
  2. Authentication method or app type
    • Server-to-Server OAuth
    • We are on a Master Account Plan
  3. Any errors
    • See above

@robert.schmidt04 Hope you will be fine.

Please add required/missing scopes to the app & then reauthorize.

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billing_plan is not scope you can add in a Server-to-Server OAuth App

Paging @elisa.zoom

Hi @robert.schmidt04
You should be able to add the billing:master account if you have a master account license in your account.

Thanks @elisa.zoom
That’s exactly what I used. For sub-accounts this working, but for /accounts/me/plans/usage the mentioned error is thrown.

YES. Update the zoom API integration. I am in the ISV partner program

Hi @robert.schmidt04
So if you pass the master account ID do you get the same error?

Hi @sam7
Please open up a new thread with your issue, this is not related to what you are talking about

I haven’t tried, I didn’t figure that would make sense. I’ll try now.

Just tried this: /accounts/:accountId/plans/usage with accountId being my master account’s accountId.


{"code":2001,"message":"Account does not exist: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."}

(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx being my master account’s accountId)

Thanks @robert.schmidt04
I will go ahead and send you a private message to follow up on this issue