Session destroyed when first joined HOST kills the app

Session is destroyed when first joined HOST kills the app.

Which iOS Video SDK version?

  • 1.3.0 - 1.4.0

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. join session with multiple hosts (all users need to be hosts so they can unmute themselves)
  2. kill the app of one of the users
  3. all users are disconnected - the session was destroyed. The SDK reports the following error:
  "code" : 2008,
  "description" : "Disconnecting to the session due to failover.",
  "name" : "Session_Disconncting",
  "suggestion" : "Please clean up your UI components and try to reconnect to the session."

@rokgregoric are you calling zoom.leave(true) ? We had to write some logic to evaluate if it wasn’t the host (or not person the we wanted to kill the session), then we called zoom.leave() and passed that empty (without true). Then the session properly stayed active.

As described briefly here: Reference

Under videoClient > leave

@parker no … I am not calling zoom.leave(true) … in fact I don’t call it at all … since the app crashes / is killed.

As workaround I’ve added a zoom.disconnect() call in the appWillTerminate callback … just before calling zoom.appWillTerminate() and this seems to prevent the problem from happening.

But if the app crashes for any reason (for the first HOST) I don’t have a way to call that.

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Thank you for reporting this issue.
It seems your app crashed when you receive the error of Errors_Session_Disconncting(2008), right?
Would you mind to give us a call stack of this crash issue?

@jackie.chen no … our users are killing the app from the app switcher and when I tried to replicate that I noticed that the session was destroyed if the first joined HOST did that.

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