Set avatar image path for user

 Is it possible to set image url for avatar path for a user prior to joining a meeting using iOS SDK?

hi neha:

you may find the way from blew link how to customizing the resource image in iOS SDK.

Paragraph: “Customizing the Image Resource in iOS MobileRTC”

If you are login user, and already upload your own style avatar from the website, SDK would use that, do not support custom-made in this case.

Otherwise, To switch to your avatar style you can name your resource default_avatar_inmeeting.png. The SDK will automatically load your resource from [NSBundle mainBundle]. Otherwise, the SDK will use the default avatar.

Thanks, but I need to set user’s avatar from a url and use that when user joins the meeting. In my use case user is not logged in.

I am afraid SDK does not support it right now, sorry for that.