Share-content-dimension-change event always returns undefined width and height


I subscribe to the ‘share-content-dimension-change’ callback in order to receive notifications when the shared content dimension changed. The callback is working, but in parameter, the payload is always the following one:

type: “received”,
width: undefined,
height: undefined

Therefore, I don’t know the width and height of the shared content.

There is no error message.

Which Web Video SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device:
  • OS: Linux
  • Browser:Chromium
  • Browser Version Chromium 91.0.4472.101

Hey @daniel.chappuis ,

Thanks for reporting this. We will take a look. :slight_smile: (ZOOM-302478)


Hey @daniel.chappuis

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve found this issue and it was fixed in version 1.1.4.


Hey !

Thanks for your fix. Unfortunately, I still receive ‘share-content-dimension-change’ events with undefined ‘width’ and ‘height’ with Zoom Video SDK (Web) v1.1.4 on Chrome 93 for instance.

Hey @daniel.chappuis,

I’m on macOS, Chrome 93 and using v1.1.4 and I am correctly receiving the height and width within the object returned for ‘share-content-deimension-change’. Have you tried it on Chrome on a different OS to see if it works to help the Zoom guys pinpoint the issue?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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After more tests, it seems to be working on Windows with Chrome 93. I was testing on Linux Ubuntu with Chrome 93. There, it is not working. It is also not working with Firefox on Ubuntu.

Thanks for sharing @nickuk .

@daniel.chappuis , it seems like the issue could be with Ubuntu. CC @vic.yang .


Hey @daniel.chappuis

Thanks for your feedback.

We have tested the receiving sharing on Chrome 93 and Firefox, Ubuntu platform. And it works well. Could you help confirm using the latest code? Browser cache sometimes may be the potential cause.


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Actually, I was also able to reproduce this on Chrome on Windows 10.

As you can see in the following screenshot, I start to share the screen on the Firefox browser (left) and receiving a shared screen on the Chrome browser (right) both on Windows 10. The content dimension is correct on the left (type=sended) but undefined width/height on the right (type=received).

Hey @daniel.chappuis ,

Thanks for sharing the screen shots! Can you please also share your code snippets and steps to reproduce the issue? :slight_smile:


I have been able to solve my issue. It seems to be due to the fact that I was hiding the ‘source’ screen-share canvas with CSS display:none because it did not wanted to display the screen on the user that was sharing his/her screen.

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Happy to hear you resolved the issue @daniel.chappuis ! :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you need anything else.


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