Shared computer sound stops playing on SDK side when share video unit is removed

If a desktop user is sharing their computer sound in a Zoom meeting and an SDK user turns off their screen, the shared computer sound stops for that user. However the desktop user’s mic audio can still be heard even with the screen off. The SDK seems to be selectively muting the shared computer sounds. Is this a bug or intentional?

EDIT: This seems to happen more often that just turning the screen off. Anything that causes the share video unit to be removed from the screen has the same effect. So you can send the SDK app to the background. You can also navigate to a different screen within the same SDK app. If there is not a share video unit in a MobileRTCVideoView in the view hierarchy, the share computer sounds stop playing.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Join a Zoom meeting from desktop and an SDK client.
  2. On Desktop, open
  3. Share your youtube browser window, make sure click the checkbox for “Share computer sound”.
  4. Start playing a youtube video, notice you can hear the video’s audio on SDK client.
  5. Turn off SDK client screen, notice youtube video audio can no longer be heard but desktop microphone can still be heard.

Using SDK v4.6.21666.0429

Hi @vuzix_greg, thanks for the post.

I was able to reproduce the behavior exactly as you described with 100% consistency. Thank you for bringing this to our intention. We will investigate this behavior and determine how to properly handle it.


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