Sharing screen by multiple users at the same time

I would like to have the ability to share the screen by multiple users at the same time.

Additional context
When a second user starts sharing the screen, the first share screen ends automatically.

Hi @rokgregoric ,

It is possible to achieve multiple shared screens at once with the Video SDK. To do so, you can subscribe multiple users to the same shareCanvas element you’re using to render the shared screen(s). When displaying users on gallery view, you should be able to see all the shared screens of those subscribed. Please let me know if this helps/works for you.


Hi @serge.rehem ,

It’s not a problem of subscribing to multiple screen shares.
The problem I am facing is starting a new screen share end the ongoing screen share by another user.

That’s done automatically by the SDK and there is no way to control that - from what I’ve seen.

Please LMK if there is anything I could do to disable this default behavior. :pray:

Hello @rokgregoric ,

I would like to double-check whether you’re using our SDK sample App or your own App to do multi-user sharing. I’ve tested using our macOS sample App and Android Sample App to share at the same time. It is possible that multiple users share at once.
Is there any error message that is printed on the console that can share with us? Providing the SDK log file to us can also help to check the issue.
Thank you


@elaine.ku I am using my own app - not the sample app.
I tried sharing from 2 browser windows (I have the SDK implemented in an JS app as well) and when userB starts sharing - userA stops sharing automatically.
That happens on the web - the screen share of userA stops and I also I see the same thing logs on iOS:

05:00:42.838 🟣 [SUBSCRIBER] Share status changed 🟢 userB
05:00:42.840 🟣 [SUBSCRIBER] Share status changed 🔴 userA

logged from - (void)onUserShareStatusChanged:(ZoomVideoSDKShareHelper * _Nullable)helper user:(ZoomVideoSDKUser * _Nullable)user status:(ZoomVideoSDKReceiveSharingStatus)status;

Check the time :point_up: - the 2 log messages are sent 2ms apart.

The same thing happens when using MacOS SDK to share the screen.

Hi @rokgregoric ,

Would you please try using our sample App and see whether this issue happened on our sample App? It is possible that you’ve added the restriction on your app since we’re able to have multiple users share at once on our sample app.
Thank you


@elaine.ku will that that yes. I tested multiple things and our app always ends the screen share when another starts. Very annoying. We are on v1.3.2 - iOS and Mac - is it possible that’s a bug?

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