Signatrue length error, 0 < length < 150", errorCode: 4003

I followed the instructions of the documentation. But something seems to be wrong with the signature.
I try to join a webinar zoom.

  1. {method: “join”, status: false, result: null, errorMessage: “{“signature”:”[REDACTED]"} signatrue length error, 0 < length < 150", errorCode: 4003}

  2. errorCode: 4003

  3. errorMessage: “{“signature”:”[REDACTED]"} signatrue length error, 0 < length < 150"

  4. method: “join”

  5. result: null

  6. status: false

  7. proto: Object

What i do in index.js:

ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib(‘’, ‘/av’);

const meetConfig = {
apiKey: [REDACTED],
meetingNumber: [REDACTED],
leaveUrl: ‘’,
userName: ‘[REDACTED]’,
userEmail: ‘[REDACTED]’, // required
passWord: ‘[REDACTED]’, // if required
role: 0 // 1 for host; 0 for attendee

// prepare required files

    // make a request for a signature
    fetch('', {
                    method: 'POST',
                    body: JSON.stringify({ meetingData: meetConfig })
            .then(result => result.text())
            .then(response => {
                    // call the init method with meeting settings
                            leaveUrl: meetConfig.leaveUrl,
                            isSupportAV: true,
                            // on success, call the join method
                            success: function() {
                                            // pass your signature response in the join method
                                            signature: response,
                                            apiKey: meetConfig.apiKey,
                                            meetingNumber: meetConfig.meetingNumber,
                                            userName: meetConfig.userName,
                                            passWord: meetConfig.passWord,
                                            // on success, get the attendee list and verify the current user
                                            success: function (res) {
        console.log("join meeting success");
        console.log("get attendee list");
          success: function (res) {
            console.log("success getCurrentUser", res.result.currentUser);
      error: function (res) {

Hi @worldofstudents,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

In taking a look at your signature, I can see that the meeting ID and role fields are undefined. Please make sure you’re passing valid values to these fields before you encode/generate the signature.


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