Skip breakoutroom option, please


Please let me know if this request is in the wrong place, then I will happily post it elsewhere.

I am organiser of online festivals (see for details and also for a list of recent held festivals ) and together with a lot of other sustanability and non-violent communication festivals (like the huge and our concurrent/friends ) , I see a huge problem everywhere with breakout-rooms.

That is, that when we create breakout rooms, that a lot of people do not want to join and put = in front of their name. That means that the facilitator then has to spend several minutes (!!!) re-arranging breakout rooms, and within these minuts people change their preference too, so this is always very messy and takes a lot of time. And because not everybody access breakouts, people return to the main room requesting for help, etcetera etcetera. Messy up to the max!!

I am talking about groups of 80 to 300 participants here, with usually between 20 and 70 breakout rooms. And no that size is no exception, that is what I am talking about! It is really big and therefore a real big problem too.

A logical way out of this would be to create a “Skip breakoutrooms” option for participants. In this way people can decently let know that they do not want to be in breakout-rooms. Then it would be a matter of “create break-out rooms” and then click “go”, with zero minutes in between and no chance of overlooking people with a not-joining preference.

Please help us with that!

Niels Gorisse