SMS logs - Export like Zoom messages

Currently the way to export all SMS messages for auditing is quite clunky. Select the date, it will display all the SMS for the range, then you click view on EACH SMS message. Then highlight and copy. If you need one message that works out fine. However if someone is being audited, this is not efficient and very prone to error. If it could be exported in the same way as the Zoom Messages, that would be great! Being able to download a range into a CVS file works out nicely. You still could group by a SMS ID (like the Zoom Messages), so that you can see a full convo with someone easier.

One thing that is currently nice in selecting SMS messages is the ability to select times longer then one month, which unlike chat messages that are only shown one month at a time.

When exporting Zoom Messages/chats only being able to export one month at a time is very hard when auditing a person. If it all gets dumped to a CSV, why not be able to pick 3-6 months? I rather deal with a few extra 100MBs then having to save each month individually and have to copy and paste each one into a “Master” sheet.