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I currently use the Zoom Web SDK embedded on my app so that users on my own Zoom account can conduct their meetings from my app. Now I’d like to expand this feature to users outside my Zoom account. I believe it is possible for a user to join any meeting though the Web SDK, but we can’t start meetings that are not inside our own Zoom account, is that correct? Is there a way around this issue?

For example, is it possible to use an Oauth app to obtain the user’s access token and then use it to generate the signature to be used in the Web SDK?

Alternatively, is it possible to start the meeting programmatically using Zoom’s API? That might solve the issue.

Finally, another idea would be to enable the “join before host” option before starting the meeting though the web SDK so that anyone can start the meeting. I think this is the only thing that would work, but is it currently the best solution?

Thank you for your attention

Greetings, @lucas1,

Thank you for posting on the Developer Forum. Great questions, have you considered creating a temporary user in your account and leveraging the Scheduling privilege feature? Here is a helpful developer support guide with instructions on how to programmatically assign scheduling privilege for reference :

This will enable you to assign an alternative host to start the meeting programmatically using Zoom’s API as well.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Donte,

Hmmm, I don’t think it would help us in this particular case because the external user’s meetings will really come from their own accounts, we can’t create them in our organization’s account.

But thank you for your response,



Currently, there’s no way to start a meeting that belongs to an account other than the one their JWT credentials belong to. For now, you will need to have the host start the meeting in the Zoom Client or schedule the meeting under their own account.

To Start meeting SDK Resource :

Hope this helps to clarify!


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