Start/join notification popup for upcoming meeting for all the participants(invitees)

Hi Team,

My requirement is that when I create a zoom meeting it should send some sort of join notification to the participants as toast message(notification popup).
I tried with zoom meeting rest api where user X creates a scheduled meeting where user Y is meeting invitee.
My observation:

  1. For meeting type “2”(scheduled meeting) host user(X) receives meeting start notification popup, but other partcipant(invitee Y) does not receive any such notification popup.
  2. For meeting type “1” (instant meeting) host user does not receive any sort of notification either.

Sample Request 1.

POST /v2/users/ HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer XXXX
Content-Type: application/json

“topic”: “test meeting”,
“type”: 2,
“agenda”: “test meeting”,
“settings”: {

  "join_before_host": true,


Any help on this highly appreciated.

Hi @roger11

Thanks for the feedback and recommendations. I see how valuable having a popup for upcoming meetings can be.

Feel free to add this feature to our feature requests topic here: