Start meeting as host from WebSDK

Hi guys, i have the following dilemma.

Our team tried to publish an Zoom OAuth application in the marketplace but it was rejected because we ask the user for his JWT credentials.

From what i’ve read on this forum, the only way for a user to start a meeting as host from WebSDK is by using his Api key and Api secret.

If we don’t want our user to leave the platform, is there a way to start a meeting from WebSDK?

P.S. we also provide a explanatory document about why we need those credentials.


Hey @itom, thanks for posting and submitting an App! :slight_smile:

Please see my post here about the Web SDK JWT + OAuth dilemma:


Hey @tommy, thanks for your response!
Do you happen to know if this kind of feature will be implemented in the future?
And if it is, do you know an aproximate ETA?


Hey @itom,

Yes, it will be implemented in the future, most likely sometime next year.


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