Start meeting automatically in back-end && Notifying the meeting room that the meeting is about to end

I try to provide meetings for my company to use this zoom API.
I’m using PHP and JWT token.
Is there any way to start scheduled meeting automatically in back-end?
AND I want to notify the meeting is about to end in meeting room,
by notification or comments anything.
Please help me how I can implement this.

Hi @CHAI_zoom_developer,

Thanks for reaching out, and happy to clarify.

Regarding starting a meeting, I should note that the meeting must be started by the host (or a participant if join_before_host is enabled)—there’s not a way to automatically start a meeting on the backend.

If you wish to notify users when a meeting is about to end, you could leverage a combination of the GET Meeting endpoint (to retrieve the start_time) and our Meeting Started webhook (to know when the meeting actually started) in order to extrapolate the end_time.

I hope this helps!

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