Support for reusable Oauth Refresh Tokens

Can someone tell us when the support for “reusable” refresh token be available? Also referring to this particular post for context: Granting more than 1 refresh token per user / client ID

Refresh token can be used only once, causing problems in some scenarios (eg. multiple apps/services can not be using the same client id)

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Any, in particular OAuth

Which Endpoint/s?
OAuth - getting new access token using refresh token that’s previously obtained

Hi @dfaulus,

While this enhancement is still on our roadmap, we don’t have confirmed timing for when you can expect to see this. Most likely, this wouldn’t be until later this year, given our current roadmap priorities.

However, feel free to check our Changelog to stay up to date on the latest.


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