Survey Results API

Can We download webinar survey results via the Zoom web interface?
Which API to use to retrieve webinar survey results?
Which API to use to retrieve webinar survey results?
That is, I understand that v2/webinars/[webinarId]/survey is to retrieve survey questions and their options. But we would like to download responses from the participants to those survey questions.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?**

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)


Hi @janak
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am glad you are here!

Have you looked into this article:

I believe we do not have an endpoint to download the responses, you would have to do it manually as stated in the article I shared above.

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Is adding this to the API on your roadmap?

Hi @ChrisU
I actually do not know.
Let me ask around and will come back to you!

Pushing this up.

That’s useless at scale without an API.
I’m looking into the feature to improve our lessons quality but I can’t do that because you have to go and manually download the files.

Pushing this up +1
We need this official API feature so we can gather all feedback from the customers and further analyze it at scale.

Do you know if this is on the product roadmap?

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Pushing this one up as well as I have many people interested in this exact functionality. Can anyone provide an update on whether this is possible or on the roadmap? Thanks.


Pushing this up also. So many requests for this over years.
Its really unusable within the Zoom UI as access is limited to only the zoom admins and the export is old and clunky.
PLEASE make this accessible through the API

Any update on this in the past 12 months?

Hi @turvak
Unfortunately we have not deliver this feature yet.

Is it in the roadmap at all? It is one of the only reporting types that has no API access and yet. It renders the feature useless and we have had to use Google Forms for the past 3 years, which is a disjointed user experience following a webinar as it is not clear to the user how to fill out the survey with notices warning the user will be “leaving” Zoom.
The Zoom survey is great that is pops up immediately for the user and our completion rate is twice that of an external survey system… but its unusable.

I totally understand your point @turvak
I know the feature request is open but I do not have more information about it but let me take a look again

Thanks - where is the feature request? I will add my vote.

What I meant to say is that the feature request exists internally, I will keep an eye on it and will keep you all updated @turvak

Hi Elisa, any update on this yet? Our org wants to use meeting surveys desperately but it’s useless if we can’t webhook them or connect them via API.

Bump again - it’s been another 6 months. Any updates?

I do wish the communication was better from Zoom. It’s a large investment from the Zoom customer base, especially in Webinar and Events. A better response with a clear feature roadmap is much better than “sorry we don’t know”.

Without any notice we have some success. Here is the now available method!

Its working. amazing video.