Telephonic Call with zoom web sdk


We have configured web SDK 1.9.5. Video & audio functionality is going well.

New Requirement-

  1. How to create meeting for telephonic call in which when both users join the call then call will get connect on customer’s mobile?
  2. If one user connect via zoom web SDK using video call then can other will get call to join the call on his mobile?

Basically we want feature to connect both the users on mobile with normally phone call but through zoom meeting so that we can get all meeting details like duration & all.

It will be great if we can get more information on same.


Hey @subodh,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, the Web SDK only supports Meetings but does not support Zoom Phone.

If you would like a Zoom Phone SDK considered for release in the future, I recommend submitting a topic in our #feature-requests category.


Thank you for reply. I just want to implement phone call feature using zoom meeting. Bothe the parties will dial zoom phone numbers on mobile & by entering meeting id & participant Id they can join.

Is there any way to integrate telephonic meeting using zoom wither by SDK or API where we will get meeting phone numbers & meeting id.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @subodh,

Thank you for clarifying. If you use the dial-in numbers for the meeting, are users able to join? You should be able to obtain these numbers with the Get a Meeting API:


I hope that helps!


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