Thank you! Great update process this time

My team makes a lot of requests of the Zoom SDK team these days, so I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge an awesome area of improvement in the latest SDK update for Windows. I’ve been developing on the SDK for over a year now, and the migration to the latest SDK version was the cleanest it has ever been. In a single night I could update my app to the latest SDK with minimal changes needed, and by following the release notes, I was able to find / resolve every compilation issue. Usually, rebasing my app on the latest SDK is something I set aside a week for, but it was a breeze this time thanks to solid release notes and great code commentary on the changes that affected compilation. Thanks for putting in the effort to streamline that process on Windows :slight_smile:


Hey @liminal_andy,

Thank you so much for bringing this up. This is a very refreshing thing to hear about the SDK. I am very happy that we are heading in the right direction, and that the developers are feeling positive effects of internal changes here. Thank you @liminal_andy for consistently raising concerns and questions on the dev forum threads and Developer Support threads. You have been a tremendous help to both the DA team and the Developer team as well.


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