The "Incoming Webhook" stopped working and the bot disappeared

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I have been using HTTP POST with “ + chatId” to send Zoom chat messages to certain channels for a while.

I noticed that I can’t receive those Zoom chat messages anymore 2 days ago. So I did some investigation. I found:

  • The “Incoming Webhook” chatbot disappeared, and I can’t add it anymore. It shows “added” already on the marketplace.
  • The HTTP POST request to the same endpoint now returns 400

I didn’t change any settings of the channels I used to send messages to.

The HTTP POST request to “ + chatId” now returns 400.

Hi @porter.liu
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
Can you please share more details about this issue?
Were you listening to events through a Team Chat App and you can no longer find the app in your Zoom Marketplace?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

I just use the Zoom macOS app to receive messages that I sent through the HTTP POST request.

I can still find the “Incoming Webhook” in the marketplace, but it shows “added” so I can’t add it again. I have added it many days ago and it just disappeared.


Thanks @porter.liu
I will send you a private message to follow up with some more details