Third party meeting survey auto force link to lowercase

When we use endpoint [/meetings/{meetingId}/survey ]

  • Use param third_party_survey to link with google Forms , but the link we added were auto force to lowercase .

Example :

We call api [/meetings/{meetingId}/survey ] with body
“show_in_the_browser” => “true”,
“third_party_survey” => “ ** )

The link survey linked with meeting we want is : ( ** ) ( Sorry i’m new member , can post 2 links in post )

But by someway , Zoom make all letter in this link auto force to lowercase

With this link , it won’t work with Google ( Google: URLs Are Case Sensitive)

Any ideas what going on ?

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Thanks for reply , i have already edited my post

Thanks for the response @ngo.binh.rcvn2012 . Can share if you are making a Post,Get, or Patch request when you see this behavior? What is the entire workflow ?