Top Bar controlling meeting disapears right after Screen Sharing

Using the latest SDK and C# wrapper for windows, I believe this used to work but on Windows 10 (latest update) It doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I click on the Share Screen button and then a screen to share. What happens next is that for a brief (50 milliseconds?) moment you’ll see the top bar (where you can mute audio, do other things, and importantly stop screen sharing). This top bar quickly disappears giving the user no way to end the screen sharing or to disconnect from the meeting.

Given that this is happening inside of the Zoom UI (since I’ve handed off control from my app to the Zoom SDK to handle the rest of the meeting) I’m not sure what’s wrong or how I can even fix this. I’m pretty sure this used to work. I’ll try on a Windows 7 VM later to see if it works or not there. Windows 10.0.17134 Build 17134 - Version 1803


windows sdk hide the sharing toolbar by default. if you want to change this, please call api ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP.IMeetingConfigurationDotNetWrap.SetSharingToolbarVisibility with true before you call start/join meeting api.