Tracking participants

We are SaaS B2B product focussed on small/medium business who are mainly into teaching (like yoga teachers, dance teachers etc.). Considering the current COVID situation we are planning to use zoom to help them setup online classes.

I wanted to know how can I achieve the following without creating a custom app.

  • Tracking the participants. I know there are webhooks to track the events participants joined and left. But is there a way I can pass some extra parameters in the Zoom URL (like a Unique ID or something) to track who joined the class
  • Restricting the meeting to the members in our system. How can I restrict the invite feature only to the host? I am aware of the registration API, but even with that anyone can join the meeting if they provide their name and email address. Or is there an API where we can remove a participant using API?

This is very critical for us as our customers get paid for the classes they take. And if they can’t know who joined, then it will affect their revenues pretty badly.

Looking forward for recommendations.


Hey @leenasn, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Please see my post here on how to track registrants / participants:

There are many ways to restrict access to a meeting. You enforce login, and can whitelist email domains, or use meeting registration with manual approve. All of those I mentioned can be set in the Create a meeting endpoint.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks Tommy. That helps

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: