Trouble with Zoom OAuth and FME

I previously used JWT to access the Zoom API endpoints through an ETL product (FME Desktop). Since JWT will be deprecated, I need to create an OAuth. I am not a knowledgeable in this space so I may not articulate my needs properly. I created the OAuth and I’m trying to create an OAuth 2 web service in FME. I am not using a “web app” so I don’t have a redirect URL I can use and FME recommends localhost. I understand that using localhost is not an option. How am I to get this to work? What alternatives do I have?

Hi @crowleyb ,

If you were previously using JWT, it sounds like you may want to use Server-to-Server OAuth. Please check out these articles from one of our Developer Advocates about making the switch:

Thank you!

Thank you! That worked

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