Trying to list webhooks and getting an error



I am trying to programmatically list webhooks in my user-level app using the API described at:

I get the following error: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [webhook:read:admin, webhook:write:admin]”

During app setup in the Marketplace there is nowhere to specify these webhook management scopes.

How is this intended to work?




Hi @simon,

Within the marketplace app and under the feature tab you should see Event Subscriptions, when you enable it, you should see Event Types. There you would see the webhook scopes.


Hi @Michael_Purnell,

Thanks, I had already looked there and that’s not what I need. I want to programmatically list, set and remove webhooks using the APIs documented at:

I can’t see how one acquires the necessary scopes for this. Those being: webhook:read:admin and webhook:write:admin.

I have to assume it’s possible - it’s in the API documentation and explorer.

Best regards,