Unable to get Meeting Participant Reports by Meeting UUID

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  • GetMeetingParticipantReports
  • ListPastMeetingInstances

Hi! I’m using ListPastMeetingInstances to get meeting UUIDs, and then passing these UUIDs into GetMeetingParticipantReports. But sometimes, GetMeetingParticipantReports says Meeting does not exist:. Most of the time, it works. But for some meetings, it doesn’t:

Here are some examples
Meeting ID: 91435156759, Meeting UUID: Oxii3+JTZCJJMeu1WTSKg==

Meeting ID: 93865051475 , Meeting UUID: BR/LHE8TMWQAeCewwDweQ==

Meeting does not exist: BR/LHE8TMWQAeCewwDweQ==

I’ve figured this out! I wasn’t double encoding my meeting UUIDs correctly.

(I was using encodeURI instead of encodeURIComponent in javascript)