Unable to get response body while calling an API

Hi I have integrated the zoom with our application but whenever I hit the API ( any API) i do not see any response body.The response code seems to be fine. I get 200 ok. Please help.

Hey @rajeevrevada,

Is there an example you can provide? Which endpoint are you hitting?

Let me know if you can provide some additional details.


Hey Will, I was trying to get the userid with the help of this api /users/me. I get the response code as 200 ok but i do not see any response body.

Hey @rajeevrevada,

Thank you for providing more information. When you see this issue, are you using JWT or OAuth to authorize your call with the API? Also, are you performing a GET request on that URL?


Hi @MaxM , I am currently using OAuth to authorize the call. Yes I am performing GET request on that URL.

Thanks @rajeevrevada ,

Please provide exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Also, how are you making this request? Postman? In your code? If so what language? Can you share your code snippet of the request?


Hi @tommy, Thanks for the reply. The issue is resolved now. The scopes have not been configured in my application so I wasn’t able to get the response

But I have one question though. I have taken the paid license and when the account’s session is expired I see that my application is failing to get the refreshed token. Can we somehow deal with this session timeout thing?

Also I would like to know with (“POST /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants”) Can’t we add bulk registrants together I mean can’t I add my employees together at once.