Unable to share screen in Safari browser

I can’t share screen in Safari or Chrome on my macOS device. In Chrome browser and Firefow in Windows if the share button appears, but in mobile devices the option is not shown. I get screen sharing but I can’t share screen, neither on mobile nor in safari on MacOs.

Browser: Safari/Chrome (mobile), Safari (web)
Zoom Meeting SDK v.2.15.2

Please let me know if there is a way to enable screen sharing in Safari and mobile browsers as well.

mobile (all browser): Screen Share (send) → no support
macOS (safari): Screen Share (send) → no support in client view, support in component view

there is no specific information about Chrome and Firefox on macOS

@zoom1234 you should add infos for Firefox/Chrom(e/ium) for macOS, Linux - if they are different

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