Uninstallation email incorrectly tells me to delete data when consent was given

I installed my app, then uninstalled it and checked the box to allow the developer to retain data. I get an email:

Hi ... Application,

The following Zoom user has uninstalled your Zoom Marketplace App:

You have ten (10) days to remove all meta-data and Zoom content associated with this user, if any, stored in your databases.

I explicitly checked the box and said that data retention was ok. Why is this email going out saying that I must delete?

Which Endpoint/s or App Types
OAuth App

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create OAuth App Type…
  2. Install…
  3. Uninstall and check box to allow data retention
  4. Get email saying you must delete data

Hey @zoom-test,

Do you have your Deauth endpoint url setup in your app settings that executes the deauth flow?



Yes I do. And I verified that I received the webhook from Zoom. Either way though the email is not lining up with what I selected in the uninstall window. I checked the box to allow data retention but the email said I had 10 days to delete. Shouldn’t those line up with each other?

Hey @zoom-test,

This does seem like a bug, although I can’t reproduce the email. Can you provide instructions on how to receive the data retention email?


Build an OAuth app
Publish it to the marketplace
Install the app to a zoom account
Uninstall the app from your installed apps screen in the marketplace and check the box to retain data
Builder of the App receives the Uninstallation email

Thanks for the details @zoom-test!

I have sent this to our engineering team to take a look. JIRA: ZOOM-114585

I will post back here with updates! :slight_smile:


Hey @zoom-test,

The fix will be released in our November release (end of month).