Upcoming restrictions on the USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT permission might break the SDK

The newest Android Meeting SDK still uses the ** USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT**. Regarding to Google, this permission will be denied from end of the year to all existing apps (which are not clock apps).

How does Zoom intent do handle that case?

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

Additional context
Message from Google attached:
You are receiving this email because you are using the USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT permission in your app and there are upcoming platform changes that you should be prepared for. To prevent ad spam and credential phishing, only apps that have calling or alarm functionalities will have the permission enabled by default. Otherwise, you must get user permission to use the USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT permission.

The use of full-screen intent notifications is intended to share high-priority messages that require the user’s immediate attention. All developers using this permission are required to complete the Play Console declaration starting from 31 May 2024, to indicate if your app has a permitted core functionality and qualifies for default enablement of the USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT permission. Starting on 31 October 2024, all apps that did not complete the declaration, or have not been approved for default enablement, will need to surface a prompt to users to grant permission on new installs on devices running Android 14 or above, and downgrade the app experience gracefully if permission is denied.

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@donte.zoom @chunsiong.zoom
Do you happen to have any idea about this upcoming permission policy change? Our app is facing similar issue as well and would like to know whether the SDK will be affected & what Zoom plans to do for this change. Thank you!

Hi, I would like to follow up with this issue to see if anyone has any insights about this upcoming policy change.

Hi, I would like to follow up to see if you have any updates regarding this upcoming permission restriction

Hi @yuyang.chen and @code_defender123
Thanks for reaching out to us. Allow me some time to get more information about this and I will get back to you with an update shortly

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