Update API Docs

Zoom, I will recommend you update your API DOCS.

It is actually misleading

Hi @SoftDev
Thanks for reaching out to us and for your feedback.
We have been working on updating our Docs site and we are continuously working on them.
Could you please share with me how our Docs are misleading so we can take action on it?

While trying to get my access token for my oauth app using the authorization code I got from my redirect uri. I sent the authorization code with my redirect_uri and grant_type properties as request body to the appropriate zoom api. I got unsupported_grant_type error after following everything as stipulated in your docs.

After thorough research, I tried sending the request body properties as query parameters to the api different from what was stipulated in your docs and it went.

I spend alot of time trying to find my way around this, not knowing the mistake was from you guys.

I will recommend you guys develop a library for easy and much more better integration e.g. google oauth library

Thanks for your feedback @SoftDev
Are you referring to this app type?

Guys, this is not serious from your side to keep your API docs such misleading. I also spent a lot of time trying to follow your incorrect instructions to retrieve access_token from https://zoom.us/oauth/token endpoint. As topicstarter already said we should pass parameters in query only and not in the body as your docs says.

You have to fix this immediatelly: OAuth for user authorized apps
In particular this part:

When using OAuth, be sure to pass these parameters in the request body and not as query parameters.

Hi @oleksandr
Sorry about the inconvenience
Are you referring to this part of the docs?

Yes, I posted the link above

Thanks @oleksandr
in the link you shared, it is stated that the parameters should be passed in the request. body and not as query params

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