Update to 1.7.6 - error

I updated to version 1.7.6 and it doesn’t respect the disableInvite parameter: true,

Disable Invite 1

Hey @hernandezbg,

I was unable to reproduce the issue. I am able to hide the invite button (using angular sample app):

      leaveUrl: this.leaveUrl,
      isSupportAV: true,
      disableInvite: true,
      success: (success) => {

Make sure to pass in role 1 in the signature for the user who you are setting the disableInvite value.


Thanks @Tommy … It works with role: 1 but using that role the waiting room would not work.

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Hey @hernandezbg,

I see. Role 1 means the host, which has control to disable the invite button.

Waiting room should work with role 1 in version 1.7.6. Can you share what happens with the waiting room and role 1?