Updating/uploading transcription file

the GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings allows us to retrieve the meeting video, f.e. to auto transcribe it using various 3rd party transcriptions.

However, I could not find any way to upload / modify the existing .VTT transcription with the newly created transcription made.

Could you expose such an API ? f.e. POST /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings

Additional solutions I have considered :

  1. using zoom’s transcription service. it does not support our language (Hebrew) and is unlikely to feature it any any foreseeable future.

  2. using the zoom downloaded zoom recordings elsewhere with the transcription. Currently, zoom recordings are integrated deeply into our LMS system including permissions per course / who is allowed to view etc.
    If I have to create a complete solution for file sharing, I could switch the meeting solution - zoom loses viability. It would make more sense for the meeting program to be Microsoft TEAMS and have a whole solution based on Microsoft including the relevant permissions for file sharing.

Best regards,
Rimon Yaari