Use oauth authorize without be logged on zoom

I’m developing an App that has be used only by my website backend.
Using that backend is possible to create meetings loading meeting details form the website and so on.
Unfortunately the project works only if I’m previously logged on to my zoom account.
If I’m not logged, clicking on this link
"".CLIENT_ID."&redirect_uri=".REDIRECT_URI;" I’m redirected on the Zoom login page.
Is this because I’m on developer mode? Is it possible to bypass that?

Thank you

Hey @alessiome2020,

Are you authenticating your API requests with JWT or OAuth?

If you’re using OAuth, you will need to authorize your requests initially by being logged in to your Zoom account. For server to server integrations, you can authenticate your requests with JWT to avoid this.

Let me know if this helps or if there are any other details you can share!


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