User remains on active speaker mode when third user joins the call

If an Android user is viewing a secondary screen(Participants screen) when a third user joins a call, they will be incorrectly directed back to the Active Speaker screen, instead of to Gallery View.

When the third participant joins the call then the Zoom SDK’s callback method onMeetingUserJoin(participants: MutableList?) called and in this method wrote the code to switch to galley view when user count is 3 or more

    val zoomSdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance()
    val inMeetingService = zoomSdk.inMeetingService
    val userCount = inMeetingService.inMeetingUserCount
    if (userCount > 2) {

above code is called properly when 3 rd user joins the call but Zoom SDK does not update the UI to Gallery mode correctly when the user closes the secondary screen (like Participants/Invite user/virtual background screen)

Which Android Client SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a call between Users A and B.

  2. User B invites User C to the call.

  3. User A opens up a secondary screen on the call (ie Participants screen, Virtual Background screen).

  4. User C join the call.

  5. User A close the secondary screen(ie Participants screen, Virtual Background screen).

    Result: User A is brought to the Active Speaker mode instead of Gallery view mode

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: All Android devices, checked in Oneplus7
  • OS: Android 10


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot, thanks for the post.

I was able to reproduce the behavior you are describing, but I am not sure that it is unexpected behavior. When you have navigated to another part of the meeting UI, the three meeting tabs (driving, active, and gallery) cannot be interacted with, so the SDK would not be able to change them either.


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for the update

if possible to resolve the issue in the next SDK release, could you please raise a feature request to the dev team.

Hi @venkateswara.ponugot,

We will investigate whether or not this limitation is intentional. If it is not intentional, we can consider adding this in a future release. I will let you know one way or the other.


Hi @venkateswara.ponugot,

I have confirmed that this is functioning as intended. The meeting UI must be visible in order for the switch to occur.


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