Using join/leave webhooks with logged out users

We would like to map our users to participants of a meeting, even if they are not logged into Zoom and without requiring registration from their part.

We think we can register them automatically when they go into the zoom meeting, however we do not know how to then map the registrant_id to the ids we get back in the join/leave webhooks. Per the docs, the id and email only show up if the participant signed into Zoom which we do not want to force out users to do. We do get an user_id but we do not know how to match this with the registrant_id from the create registrant api.

Which Endpoint/s?
Participant Joined Meeting Webhook
Participant Left Meeting Webhook (I cannot enter more links due to my dev account being new)
Meeting Registrant Create (I cannot enter more links due to my dev account being new)

Additional context
We are not married to these endpoints so if there is another way to solve our requirements then we would be happy with that too.

Hi @andres_wec ,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

You’re correct that if a user is not logged in, there’s not a garuanteed way to map the Registration ID to the ID provided in the Participant Joined webhook. This is an experience that we’re working on improving in the future.

However, you might consider utilizing our GET Meeting Participant Reports endpoint:

This returns the corresponding registration ID for a user in a meeting, if you provide the include_fields=registrant_id query param.

Let me know if this helps!


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