Using meetings/{id}/invitations data with registrants

I notice that the invitation resource returns user friendly invitation copy for the meeting that includes join URLs and dial in info. This appears to be generic to the meeting.

What does this resource return if the meeting registrants, which have unique URLs and dial in info?

Hi @scott5
Thanks for reaching out to us!
This is a great question!
From the testing that I did, I noticed it returns the information for the user that has registered for the meeting.
If you try using the join URL and you are not logged in and you are not a registrant, the join url will redirect you to the registration page
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Hi Elisa - thanks for taking a look. For which registered user are you seeing the invitation details? Could it be that you are only seeing the details for the user who is making the request?

I have a meeting with several registered participants, but I am not clear how to get each of them their personalized join_url and dial__in info via /meetings/{id}/invitations. I have a background process that gathers up the information and creates meeting invitation with personalized zoom info for each registrant.

Ah I see @scott5
Have you looked into the Get a meeting Registrant endpoint?

You will be able to get the join_url for each registrant with this endpoint

Yes, I have. I was hoping to be able to provide the invitation text (we already have this integrated into our platform for meetings that do not require registration). Sounds like our best approach might be to copy and templatize the invitation text and plug in the registrant specific values.

Oh I see @scott5
I will continue looking into this and will update you if I come up with another approach