Using zoom android sdk - facing issue with refresh token failing with invalid grant

Scenario is that

  1. Login to app newly and close the app
  2. Open the app day 2 or next day and notice that access token has expired so we hit getting new access token with refresh token. But server returns the error with error response like this : {“reason”:“Invalid Token!”,“error”:“invalid_grant”}

Please note that the grant is correct and all parameters passed are correct.
I could confirm that all parameters in this method are correct by hitting this api(fetching accesstoken via refreshtoken) again with fresh login. This api returned the access token to me from server successfully. But the issue occurs with one day gap, resulting in the above mentioned invalid grant error.

Hi @jomy.paul2 ,

It seems that the refresh token that you are attaching is incorrect. Although the refresh token is valid for 15 years, its a 1 time use token only. You need to make sure that you are using the latest value of the refresh token

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