Utilise one zoom app for multiple domains

Our website Bookafy is integrated with zoom to generate a meeting whenever an appointment is made. We have multiple white labels as well which we would like to integrate with zoom as well.

Is this possible to have one zoom developer app to authorize multiple domains, which will redirect to their respective landing pages, or do we have to create a separate zoom developer for each of the white-label domains?

Hey @sibgha.samdani,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

The supported method for handling this would be to leverage an OAuth App. This would allow you to use sub domains for each customer, and dynamically update the redirect URL in your integration:

Let me know if this helps,

Hey Will,

The white label we are providing has a completely different domain, not just subdomains. So can one zoom app allow to have multiple domains in the redirect as well ?

Hi @sibgha.samdani,

You can use unique redirect URLs as long as you whitelist/allowlist them in your app. You can find a more detailed example of this here as well:


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