V2.0.1 multiple features not working at all

@tommy 2 issues in v2.0.1 of the SDK
When changing the reaction skin tone there is a JS error and not able to change it.
react-dom.min.js:17 Uncaught ReferenceError: isViewOnly is not defined
at zoom-meeting-2.0.1.min.js:2
at redux-thunk.min.js:1
at n. (zoom-meeting-2.0.1.min.js:2)
at zoom-meeting-2.0.1.min.js:2
at onClick (zoom-meeting-2.0.1.min.js:2)
at Object.sh (react-dom.min.js:164)
at rh (react-dom.min.js:13)
at uh (react-dom.min.js:13)
at Ge (react-dom.min.js:15)
at vh (react-dom.min.js:165)

Moreover, there is no option to Add a background image only 4 available backgrounds to select from. This is such a huge limitation while adding support for background. Is this the expected behavior?

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Chrome Desktop latest version
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One more feature ( “Mirror My Video” is not working either. You can test it in 2 different browsers) is not working in our testing as mentioned by another user here.
This makes the no. of features not working after at all to 2 out of 8 added in v2.0.1. :sweat:

I can also confirm the reaction skin tone issue

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We also confirm same problems. (except the mirroring but we have not tested yet with all combination of OS/browser)
Thanks @elearningevolve to sum them here.

@will.zoom @tommy
Is it possible to add a feature request to provide our own background ? By “our own”, i mean as developers, i do not means letting the end user the ability to provide their own.

Looks like there is a way to add background + option to let users using their own, but it has no effect for the Web SDK. Are these settings for the Native clients only at this point ?

Another feature we would be interested in is to enforce a specific background for some users. (if you can assign “keys” to each managed background on the zoom account, so that’s easy to select one programmatically through the SDK when performing the initialization or join operation.

Is it also possible to add a feature request for this?


Hey @elearningevolve,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

Thank you for reporting this! I’ve reached out to our engineering team for their insight (ZOOM-320324).

Adding a custom background will be supported in a future release. At this time, that is expected behavior.

What browsers did you use for testing? When checking with Chrome 95 I saw the feature worked as expected.

I’ll check with our team to see if we plan to implement something like this and make a Feature Request if not.


@MaxM Testing on Chrome v95.0.4638.69 Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Desktop version.
Opened 2 Chrome windows and tried the Mirror My video again the change is not reflected for the participant. Also tried on Firefox v93.0 and it’s not working there as well.

What browsers did you use for testing? When checking with Chrome 95 I saw the feature worked as expected.

Hey @elearningevolve,

Thanks for following up on this. Please reference our guide on Improving Web SDK Performance and let me know if that fixes the issues you’re seeing.


@MaxM t’s not related to site isolation because we can see Gallery view working fine and still experience the issues mentioned above.


any updates on a hotfix, at least there should be no obvious user-facing bugs?

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Same waiting for it since the release but unfortunately the dev is always extremely slow on the Zoom end. :sweat:

Hey @elearningevolve,

Thank you for following up on this.

I caught that you said participant in your last message and realized that this only happens for other users. I went ahead and submitted a bug for this (ZOOM-323482).

CC @developer-whova

My apologies for that! We are working to get back to these forum posts as quickly as possible.

If you’re encountering critical or time-sensitive issues I recommend reaching out to us via the Developer Support Center in the future.

You’ll see faster response times for support questions through our support center.


Our team got back to me on this one and indicated that this is the expected behavior with the current version. You’ll notice this is true for the Zoom Web Client as well.


@MaxM Is changing the reaction skin tone issue going to be fixed in 2.1 version of the SDK?

I’m using the client view (V 2.0.1) as of now.

@MaxM How does it make any sense to make the “Mirror My Video” only limited to the self-view and not other participants viewing a person? Isn’t it obvious to have this reflect on the video viewed by other participants as well?

Yeah Finally! it is fixed in v2.1.0, just tested it with the new release.

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Great! Thank you for letting me know! :slight_smile:

Hey @elearningevolve,

It’s a good question and I, unfortunately, don’t have a satisfactory answer other than we plan to add this functionality in the near future. I agree that adding this function so that it only operates on the client-side isn’t helpful UX.

I’ll see if we can get this fixed in the short term but for the most part, this behavior is inherited from the Web Client so I’ll need to locate and work with a different team.


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