Validating webhooks: ASP.NET MVC Application

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I’m attempting to re-implement our Webhooks endpoint using the new challenge/response framework. However, while I see the webhook fire, I don’t seem to have a response body that I can parse to get the plainToken from the payload. The JSON representation that is being sent is empty and is set to -1.

No error message, just no payload to parse.

How To Reproduce
I have my Webhook endpoint, which is within an ASP.NET web service, set up like this:

    Async Function Post() As Threading.Tasks.Task(Of HttpResponseMessage)
        Dim json As String = Await Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync

At this point in the code, my json variable is empty. I can’t further deserialize it to get at the plainToken value and respond to the Webhook appropriately.

@rich1 Hope you will be fine.

Webhook Validation using C# is already resolved here.