Video call for my flutter app

I want to implement the video call into my Flutter app from one user to another user. this is not a meeting or session just a video call like a consultation. is this scenario possible in Zoom video sdk? please reply to me, team, asap. Thank you @kwaku.nyante

Hi @thinakaran.s ,

To have a two-way call between users, you will need to initialize a session. The length, features, and set-up of the session can be configured based on your preferences.


Thank you so much @rehema.zoom

Hi @rehema.zoom I have discussed this with my team. I want to connect two users or sometimes multiple users will join this meeting. could you please illustrate which type of package is suitable for my Flutter app? If there is no option for this scenario how can I achieve video call using Zoom for both platforms to my Flutter app?Thanks in advance