Video SDK CDN Link

For Zoom’s web meetings, you can download the SDK client-side via Zoom’s CDN by including a script tag element in the HTML file with
<script src=“”></script>

Is there an equivalent method for Zoom’s web video SDK?

To clarify, both the meeting and video SDKs have npm installation options, but I can’t use that for my project.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @jensenpj85 ,

Yes there is, however, it is set by default when using the "Global" keyword.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Hey tommy ,
need to use VideoSDK npm module in plain JS(pure Javascript) how can we achieve that?
Is there any CDN link for VideoSDK too?

Hey @Tdev, @jensenpj85

Thanks for your feedback.

We have known the issue, and we will resolve it in next release.


Hi Tommy,

That’s great to know! Do you know what the source link is? The page that you linked in your response doesn’t explain how to import it. That is, your page suggests to use the line

import ZoomVideo from '@zoom/videosdk';
const client = ZoomVideo.createClient();

but this relies on @zoom/videosdk being installed as an npm module (which I can’t do). The meeting SDK, on the other hand, lets the client download it as a script rather than a module, as described on the meeting SDK page (same page as your link, just scrolled down to Meeting SDKS → WEB). Does the video SDK have a similar access point?


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