Video SDK in Linux with C++ Setup

The documentation provided does not give me a clear indication of how to get started with the Video SDK on Linux. I have followed the prerequisites in the guide found here and downloaded the Linux VDK.

I then opened it in VS Code but I do not understand how I import the Video SDK libraries so that I can start coding?



Hi @rpgeoghegan ,

Copy the SDK files into your preferred directory. Example I’m using /lib/zoom_video_sdk
After that in your make file / cmake file, you will do link_directories and include_directories


  • this is where you can find the header files


  • this where you can find the .so files

On your main .cpp class you will need to include these libraries

#include "helpers/zoom_video_sdk_user_helper_interface.h"
#include "zoom_video_sdk_api.h"
#include "zoom_video_sdk_def.h"
#include "zoom_video_sdk_delegate_interface.h"
#include "zoom_video_sdk_interface.h"

IZoomVideoSDK *video_sdk_obj;

There after, you should be able to follow this guide