Virtual Backgrounds in the websdk

Hi all, I just got the websdk up and running and all is well, but I was wondering…
Is it possible to apply a virtual background in the websdk, like you can on the desktop app?
These backgrounds would ideally be from a list of preselected images, but for now I just want to confirm if it’s at all doable.

The option to add a background (under the video dropdown) is not available in the sdk for me. Is there a field that needs to be checked when initializing it? Or is there another way to add a virtual background without using this selector?


Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Join any meeting using the websdk.
Under the video button options, the option for “Choose Virtual Background…” is not available.

Hey @mlapointe319,

Unfortunately at this time the Web SDK does not support virtual backgrounds.


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