Waiting Room - Share video & Branding

I love the waiting room but, as others have noted, I hope it gets more features. Some features I have not seen mentioned are the ability to brand the waiting room, much in the way that we can do with vanity URLs, and/or if there was a way to share a screen with those in the waiting room. We often keep the waiting room enabled until we are just about ready to start a meeting/session. Being able to give people some tips (through a shared screen video/slide) or show sponsor logos would be really helpful.

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This is great feedback @nysaistech, thanks for posting & using Zoom :slight_smile:

We’ve received similar feedback, and see the opportunity to improve the experience in the waiting room. I’ve added your thoughts to our feature request to improve waiting room customization.

I can imagine that branding customization might be a more immediate implementation to solve than video sharing, but I’ll see where both might fit on our roadmap!