We support zoom windows sdk is different from zoom app, as the share function never works fine for so many versions

We are quite frustrated, we used zoom windows sdk for one year, and tested lots of versions, just compile the demo and try to share, the function doesn’t work quite often in many computers, windows.

Yes, it did work in many computers, but will surely crash in some others. One period, it will surely crash when the computer use two GPUS,the latest version does quite well ,but will mostly crash when meet two AMD GPUs. also, it crashes in many other computers.

The same computer, works quite well using zoom.

Year, we are giving up using the sdk. If we use the sdk again, our customers will abandon us, just this way.

Why not test for more computers and make sure the basic function works well.

you should check your problem with the AMD GPUs on the normal (non SDK) web version

  • create a meeting
  • convert the invite link to a direct link zoom-invite
  • now click the direct link
  • you are now on the ‘normal’ - non SDK version - of zoom web client