Web SDK and API - Resolution limitation to 360p increase to 720p

Refer to Web SDK and API.

Tommy reported that he was ongoing to develop to increase the resolution from 360p to 720p in Q4. However, the fix is not applied and we find that the resolution in video streaming for webinar is not acceptable. Please help to follow up

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Hey @raymond.sc.luk,

Our Q4 goes until the end of January. Please stay updated here for the latest timeline of the Web SDK feature updates:


Dear Tommy

So when will we obtain the updated version for a higher resolution in zoom ? Do we need to wait until Jan 2021?

Raymond Luk

Good morning;
Please prioritize as much as possible the enhancement for weabinar streaming quality for our spectators. I/We have to work from remote and are entrusting ourselves to you, Zoom, to deliver our work to our customers and clients.
Please, 720p at least for who watches our webinars.

360p is prehistoric!

Thank you for reading my comment.

Hey @riccardo.cicognani, @raymond.sc.luk,

720p is one of our top priorities for the Web SDK. We will be releasing it as soon as we can.

Please stay updated here:


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