Web sdk - Connecting the user with computer audio automatically when joining

When the web sdk loads, it first shows a dialog where it asks the user to connect audio. I thought that for meetings created with audio:'voip' it will be gone and connected automatically with computer audio since there’s no other choice… however the user is still asked to click “join computer audio” button.

What can I do to skip this step and connect the user automatically with their computer audio?

Hi @shahar,

Right now the Web SDK does not have the capability to remove the step to join audio by computer. We’ll inform our Engineers about this.

Hi @Michael_Purnell,

I am facing the same problem, any update about this item?

Hey @wongpang827 thanks for using Zoom.

You can skip this by calling the showJoinAudioFunction function.

	show: false

“Show/Hide join audio function”

Put this function inside of the ZoomMtg.join success callback.

Docs here: https://zoom.github.io/sample-app-web/ZoomMtg.html#showJoinAudioFunction

You can also configure more options on ZoomMtg.init, https://zoom.github.io/sample-app-web/ZoomMtg.html#init

Let me know if this helps!


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Hi @tommy,

I have tried the showJoinAudioFunction to hide the panel, but there will be no audio after joining the meeting. Any other option to join audio by computer automatically without user interaction?


Hey @wongpang827,

As of now we do not have that feature on the Web SDK.

Although, as a work around, you could use the Join Meeting via Web Client URL, and pass in the prefer=1 query param to automatically join a meeting with computer audio. If you want to also pass in a default name for the user joining, use the un=base64EncodeName query param.

Here is an example:

https://zoom.us/wc/{{ MeetingID }}/join?prefer=1&un=dG9tbXk=

You can then embed this in an iFrame on your site to mirror the Web SDK functionality:

<iframe src="https://zoom.us/wc/{{ MeetingID }}/join?prefer=1&un=dG9tbXk=" width="1000" height="500" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-forms allow-scripts" allow="microphone; camera"></iframe>

Here is a demo of how it looks:

Let me know if this helps!


One work around I have found (a bit of a hack) is to put this in after the success call on ZoomMtg.join

setTimeout(function () {
var startButton = document.getElementById(“pc-join”);
}, 3000);

I know its not ideal but it automatically clicks the join button for you.

Thanks for posting this @rory.street!