Web SDK fails in angular 7

I have tried to integrate web SDK in angular 7. it fails to initialize the zoom meeting. But with the same configuration in angular 10 works fine.

ZoomInit method is not calling itself or returnning it back

Which version?
zoom version- 1.8.3


Hey @akhilakku95,

This is most likely an implementation issue. Please share steps to reproduce the issue, and your GitHub repo so I can debug.

Next time please do not triple post when you have an issue. :slight_smile: We will respond back as fast as we can.


Hi @tommy
I have tried a workaround for that. Updated to Angular 8. Its working.

Preciously (Angular 7) also i have followed the same implementation, now also the same.

Hey @akhilakku95,

Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:


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